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Who is Erik Thorell?

Erik Thorell was born in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1940. He has traveled extensively throughout Europe, and now lives in the United Kingdom.

Along the way, he came across tarot cards and, via reading various tarot books, self-taught himself to read the cards. In 1966 a man had lent him a copy of the I Ching, which opened the new path of divination to Erik.

In 1981, out of curiosity, he laid the cards out in a circular pattern, as seen on the cover of his new book TAI Divination Workbook: “Uniting Tarot, Astrology, & I Ching in One New-age Exploration”. He saw that the tarot cards fused with their astrological connections, I Ching hexagrams and trigrams. The eight trigrams merged with the 16 court cards with two court cards for each trigram.

Later that year in 1981, as Erik sat looking out the window, he saw a young man with a Danish flag on his rucksack walking by. So, being Danish, Erik rushed out and invited the young man in for a cup of coffee. Erik told the man what he was doing, so the man asked if Erik could give him a reading.

In the young man’s reading, in the 5th House (which covers love and children), the cards that came up suggested that he had broken up with a woman who was a mother before he left. He responded with “How on Earth can you see that? We have been friends since. He is now a professor of psychology.

In 1983 Erik contacted the then editor of “Prediction Magazine”, Jo Logan, who asked him to give her a reading. In her 5th House, she had the tarot cards 2 of Cups – Love; 9 of Cups – Happiness; Death – Scorpio; and 3 of Swords – Sorrow.

Erik told her that it looked as if somebody, whom she loved, had died (as “Death” was there), but it was not her fault (as “Love” was there too). This helped her a lot, as she had blamed herself for her lover’s suicide.

Erik had 2 television programs in Denmark in 1989. He was tested extensively and was in competition with 126 other people who wanted to have a television programme too.

The producer asked him to give a reading at the producer’s home. As the card relating to Pisces was in the 7th. house of marriage, Erik said
that he might marry someone born in that sign. Lo and behold his fiancee was a Piscean. The producer was impressed when Erik gave him this reading, and he got his show.

On TV, the director introduced Erik to a woman to whom they would like Erik to give a reading. That would be the TV programme. They picked her because she had a very expressive face. She had never had a reading before.

She was amazed when Erik told her accurate things about herself, her work, motiviation and purpose, just by using TAI’s reading pattern.

Erik believes that the Stream Of Universal Love, that works via astrology, also expresses itself via the Tarot and the I Ching. TAI Divination is an example of that. Via TAI these three systems are NOW ONE.

Erik is not psychic. He says you don’t need to be psychic to use TAI. The cards have many meanings. You shuffle the cards and pick those concepts from the cards that your subconscious provides for you.

Erik has also had a few articles published about TAI Divination (which is included in the back of his TAI Divination Workbook). For the February 1984 Prediction Magazine article, he was tested by Jo Logan, the publisher of Prediction Magazine at the time. She was impressed and allowed Erik to write an article, which was then published in Prediction Magazine.

Erik has used TAI Divination for 30 years now. He used to do private readings, but now, at 75 he no longer does so. A client once called him 15 years after having had a reading to let him know, to her amazement, how accurate the reading had turned out to be. She wanted another, but was told that Erik no longer gives readings.

It is Erik’s hope that people who choose to use TAI Divination, find their answers, receive insight and advice for themselves and others. May TAI Divination guide you well from The Well of TAI.